Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh Eyes Goggles

After I'd sent my first ten pages to my beta readers, I looked back to see what my manuscript looked like.
Had I sent them good stuff?
I was ready to be amazed, but got something much different!
Upon looking back into my words, I saw MANY things that I'd not seen before.
I saw the BORING backstory that I H-A-T-E with a passion!  (So much so that I put down a Danielle Steele novel over it.)
The first button I hit? DELETE...without looking back, baby.

I've heard it said that you should look at something with fresh eyes, and I didn't really understand that till I took myself out of the story, and really read the words.

Upon receiving the critique from my betas, I learned from "new eyes goggles" that the scene I deleted seemed like a breakup scene-it wasn't (it introduced one of the MC's! :o()
The other beta said she thought it was a continuation (a scene happening outside of the MC that had already been moved away from)-UGH!
I emailed the ten pages to her, and appologized profusely for the second scene.

What techniques are best to get your "fresh eyes goggles" on?


  1. I agree! We need to give ourselves both the distance and the objective eyes of others in order to truly see our story in a fresh way.

  2. Thanks, Jody.
    How do you seperate yourself from what you've written so you can really edit?

  3. Don't feel bad I've embarrassed myself with beta's more than I care to count!!! But in the end it always helps my novel. Not my ego, but then, I've never really needed that anyway. ;) Nice to know you!

  4. You too, honey!
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing!
    Yeah, the betas definately showed me what it was like through different eyes.
    It helped develop my character, one later told me. ;)