Monday, May 24, 2010


Just recently, I posted a blog about being afraid I wasn't good enough.
Well, I had a friend beta read my first 10 pages, and SHE GOT SICK!
Her and her husband were ordering food, and she felt nauseated! (NO not because the pages were bad, because the character had just found her husband cheating, and was really upset!)
I can't explain to you the feelings I had when I realized she connected with my character :p
I've been so afraid and worried that I wasn't good enough at showing (not telling) people what they were doing and seeing.
As nervous as I was to show someone else my 'baby', it paid off.

I'm so thankful that God's working through me and teaching me so many things about people, and giving me stories to tell.

Please pray for me as I jump into edits, like BIG edits!
Even to the point of changing my point of view and one of the characters' personality traits.
So, please keep me in your prayers.
Thanks SO SO  SO much to my dear friend for helping me!