Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time to Re-write!

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved to write.
But honestly, I've never really finished a story.  It all became too hard. BUT!!!
I FINISHED THE ONE I'VE BEEN WORKING ON!! Finally.  I've had so much trouble finishing this manuscript, mostly because I've actually never finished one, I suppose.

However, everything felt a little dry, and it was, but now it time to fix it!
I've heard it said that you don't write a book, you rewrite it.
And, that you can't fix a blank page.
It's true, lol
I've begun the revision process, and I'm only on page 2!  I see LOTS AND LOTS of things to change.
Things that will make it much, much better, and lead the story where I want it go go a little more smoothly.

To the people who prompted me to stick it out: Thanks.
I really appreciate your help.
I see now what you were talking about.  Get the story down, then get to rewriting.
Without you, this would have been another unfinished piece.

If I'm really honest, this isn't my best work.  Lord willing, if I can finish this one, I can finish the next one!


  1. KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now.... if you want to learn to re-write easier look at that link I sent you from Jody Hedlund. I did this the hard way my first book. 'Cause, you know, It's not THAT hard to change one mispelled word... tweak ONE bad sentence. I printed it out and started editing that way... Basically did it wrong.

    What I really needed was distance. Time away. Then I READ the whole thing on paper (once through. No note taking, just to get the WHOLE story in my head. Good thing my firt draft was so short I could do this in a day or two.)

    But finally I then outlined it in a spreadsheet. I took the whole thing and wrote one or two line descriptions of each scene (not chapter) and then wrote brainstormed for an equal number of new scenes (my word count was around half-2/3 of what it needed to be.) Then I printed that list and cut them into itty, bitty strips of paper. (Cut my novel to ribbons!!) Then I laid them all out on the kitchen table and rearranged them in the order I thought they should go in (wound up not using a few scenes). Not many of the original scenes changed order but where I needed to add new scenes I did this on the table because scrolling up and down just didn't help me get my mind around it. Then I put the spreadsheet in order. Then I wrote the new scenes and printed them out and added it to my printed copy (had to tear some pages in two to get everything in order.)
    Then after that I made edits on the pages. Wrote comments and crossed out huge chunks of text.
    Typed up those changes then made smaller line edits....

    I hope that helps.... Someone clever once said something like, "Learn from the mistakes of others, you'll make enough of your own." If you're on page 2 you're probably focusing on tiny edits, lots of notes and details... Give it space and tackle the BIG rewrite. The structure of the plot and all... You need to fix that before you worry about word choices and stilted dialogue.

    Just my 3 cents (Not that it was so valuable, just lengthy ;) )


    this is huge, HUGE news!! i'm so so happy for you :D :D

    my fingers are crossed for your success!!

  3. Thanks guys!
    Much appreciated!

    @Wendy: Tnanks, girl. I always appreciate your comments :) Lengthy though they may be. ;)

    @tahereh: Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  4. Hope the rewriting is going well! :-)

  5. thanks, Jody.
    It's coming along.
    I'm using a few character evaluation sheets and figuring out who these people really are.
    It turns out my guy in here is not who he should be, and the POV is all wrong.
    I thought it should be first person with the MC and then Third with the rest, but it's not working out that way.
    Im doing a side-by-side look through befor eI make my decision on which it will be.