Thursday, May 6, 2010

How do you focus?

I find it extremely hard to focus on all my tasks at work without letting my characters creep back in the forefront!
The kids and the hubbs are great.  I love vegging out with them, and being with them.

But when it comes to seems as though I'll be staring at the computer wondering what my charachters will do next, trying to imagine them speaking to me, I pray hard for God to show me where they should go. It's almost like I've entered a world, and when I have to think, and don't feel like doing somthing, my mind reverts back to my word-filled laptop screen, instead of the fincnace program I'm supposed to be UTILIZING at WORK where I get PAID!!!!

I feel like I'm so close to something!  I feel God pulling me toward something and if I can juuuust close my eyes and listen for just a few minutes....Wait, what am I doing again?  Where was I?  Oh right, we go...
Five minutes later, it's the same thing!

I'll have to shake myself out of my thoughts and refocus on what I'm supposd to be doing! 

How do you keep the job from interfering with the JOB?
Help, help, help!
Am I just lazy?  Do I find more pleasure in writing?  OF COURSE!
But maybe I need to really focus on what's important at the time and really get into it just because I should do all things as if working for the Lord, since, ya know?  As a Christian, that's EXACTLY what I'm doing.

So how do you do it?

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  1. I have to correct something...upon the Holy Spirit revealing to me the way it sounded, God doesn't pull me away from work.
    I feel as though something's coming, and I want it so bad, it consumes me a lot of the's not Him pulling me away from what I should be doing.
    He wants me to work as if I'm working for Him, but the distraction lies within me...Just wanted to clarify, in case anyone thought I was being, well, crazy, and making excuses. I'm not.