Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Cancer Society

A very dear, sweet, amazing friend of mine passed away this morning from cancer.

She's battled it for quite some time, but just recently, things went down.
A terrible spiral to watch.
A few months ago, my cousin and I went through the Couch to 5K running program in hopes to finish a 5k.
There was no charities to run for, so we joined the Relay for Life in our county. 
Our inspiration, each time we thought we couldn't continue was "Wanda, Wanda Wanda"  Over and over.
My cousin, Ali's friend Holly, the picture of health (has ran several races and triathalons of her own) has cancer, we prayed/used her as our inspiration too. 
Each time our legs burned, ached or even when we felt as though we coudn't make it, or take another step, we rememebered why we did it.

Our reason for Relay was Holly and Wanda.
Wanda is in a much better place now, but we'll miss her terribly.

"The world's a lot dimmer since she's gone, but Heaven's a lot brighter"-Ali

Please pray for her family.  She mothered her granddaughter, and now she's gone. 
Pray especially for this young teenager who needs !!NEEDS!! God's guidance.
Pray for us as her youth leaders as well.
Thank you

The American Cancer Society.
They are working hard to find a cure.
Please support them in their endeavors. 
Support millions of peole with cancer and their loved ones.
Please go to http://www.cancer.org/ and donate to the cause.
Thank you for your support

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