Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I, She, Which One?

I recently finished my first draft of my first acutal complete manuscript!
There are tons of kinks to work out still. 
But while I'm taking a breather, my new work in progress is...confusing.

I was looking at my new WIP, and was boggled at the long process that lies ahead.
I'm thinking of changing the point of view, and I'm not even past chapter 10! (short chapters)
I've heard that most romances are in 3rd person, which btw, I just read one in first, and LOVED it!

So anyway, it's in third POV, and I find myself having to edit when I pop back into first person POV.

What are your favorite points of view?
Do you have a standard?

Is this how we find our voice?  If so, what's yours?


  1. I use first pov when I feel like my story is more focused on the main character, and her thoughts/ feelings. I use third pov when the story is focused on more than just the main characters thoughts and feelings. It's also easier to write a scene that the main character isn't in if you use third pov. :)

  2. Hey, Ezmirelda.
    I can see your point. (pun intended :D)
    thanks for the comment :)
    Have a good one, hon.