Saturday, June 5, 2010

Character Emotion

A few weeks ago, I read a blog about the author getting emotiaonal over their character.

I have to say, I've felt sad at my character's situation, but not until today, my very first ever "nothing but writing" day (I'm on my lunch break lol), have I really experienced my character's emotions.

The first chapter (short backstory) made me cry like a baby!

I was so sad for my character, but thrilled to be feeling such emotion for her!
It was a strange range of emotions! 
But I was very thankful for them.
I've already conencted with my character, I hope it will continue throughout the story, and that she will connect with the readers.

What I did differently than before:
1. character worksheet. 
   -I completed an in depth evaluation sheet of the person: eye color, skills, etc.
2. I have been dwelling on this story for months in the background.
   -A friend of mine came up with the original idea, and we've been tweaking this for quite some time.

I had to share that good news!

What are some milestones you've accomplished in your writing, insignificant or significant?


  1. Yeah. I think doing the character worksheet is a good idea. Helps you to know them a little better and make it easier to know what this person will do or how they will act in certain situations.

  2. That's awesome! I love when that happens. :)

    My latest milestone is jumping into the rough draft of novel number 5. I'm excited to be writing again. The outlining took me a lot longer than I thought!

    Thanks for sharing your 3 C's on my blog on Friday. It's fun getting to know you better. :)

  3. :) Thanks, hon!
    That's incredible that you're jumping into #5!
    btw, any title ideas yet?
    I really enjoy getting to know you as well :D
    (and sorry the comment was so looooong lol)

  4. I think that's great when we get so connected we feel their emotions! Awesome!

  5. Congrats! That's a fun milestone! Are you working on the book I think you're working on? The one you were sending me loglines of? Cause I seriously want to read what you do with that!

  6. Yes! I'm working on that one!
    It starts out with the inciting event and then enters her current life as a kick-butt genecist lab manager.
    I'm SO super excited about this one!

  7. thanks jennana!
    this is all in thanks to you, girl!
    How's Abby since the dog bite?