Thursday, June 17, 2010

My 5 Year Old

Hey again!
I can't believe this, but my baby is graduating from Pre-K!
It won't be but a blink, and he'll graduate kindergarten, aaaaand then high school!
So, Question:
What's made you realize that life passes by WAAAY too fast?
Share your experiences :)

Thanks for reading.


  1. Taking our oldest son to college last fall was the most difficult thing I've done as a parent. As we left the campus, I heard a voice inside my brain scream, "Go back! He's not ready yet!" I cried all the way home. I looked through his baby scrapbook and wondered where did the time go?? In four months, he'll turn 20. I got married at 20!! Talk about suddenly feeling old. Cherish your child's years because they will go by fast, but you will have terrific memories to last a lifetime.

  2. Aw!
    I just cried with you.
    THanks for sharing, and reminding me just HOW fast it can go.

  3. We were foster parents, and we had one child we wanted to adopt. As much as we treasured the time we had with her, she was gone. We still miss and and would love to meet her again one day.

  4. Congrats!!

    I had an awful time sending my youngest to Kindergarten. Seriously, I cried all day! But life moves on. Have a great weekend!

  5. @kathy: Aw, I'm so sorry! I love that people offer homes and love to children that need them. Good job!
    I hope you meet her one day again as well!
    I'd love to know if that works out!

    Oh man, I just know I'm going to cry like a baby all day long!
    I'm registering him Monday, we'll see how big boy he is when it comes time!
    Pray for us on Monday!

    Thanks girls for commenting ;) I appreciate it.

  6. My son graduated kindergarten! Now he's a first grader and my other one is starting pre-k, truly freaky! LOL Congrats to your little guy. :-)

  7. Well, I guess I've had many moments when I've realized that the time is passing way too fast. But recently I realized that in 3 very short years Jordan will be 10. And with Abby....She has been officially potty trained as of last Thursday. Hence our racing to the back of the church Sunday morning. Hehe. I know it won't be long and I'll be all alone in this house during the day. :(

  8. @ Jessica, Aww! That's so crazy! And thanks. :)
    @ Jenny, Too true, girl, too true.
    I registered him for kindergarten the other day, and I was such a proud mommy...not too long before he graduates that one...right, Jess?! lol