Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Time of Silence

I've read several good posts today about the waiting and listening process we writers must encounter in order to have conflicts solved, spend time with our Savior and learn about ourselves.

I have lately been writing in the early hours of the day.

Well, this week, we're doing VBS from 6-9pm. which means we get back to our house at about 10pm.  No baths for the kids or nighttime routines have been done by 10 PM!!!!

Yesterday morning, I prayed as usual to receive guidance from God on what to write and where to take my story, but when I sat down to the computer, half-blank screen staring at me, blinking cursor mocking me, I just sat there, and did nothing.

I had 30 minutes alone in front of that computer, and nothing came out.  I just stared at it, unable to do anything, blank.  Nothing. Zilch, Nada.

I could have been frustrated, but instead, I picked up my VBS book and studied my lesson.

I'm co-teaching the youth this year, which is where my heart is, but I don't usually teach, I'm not comfortable teaching that age group.  I suppose I'm used to teaching 3yr olds, and 3yr olds are so animated when they listen to stories, youth just kinda...stare at you.

However, despite recent crappy teaching sessions, where the only thing anyone ever learned was that I'm a terrible youth teacher, I taught a class yesterday...and LOVED it!

I was more animated with them, and held onto my thoughts, kept pushing toward the mark, and I know yesterday morning when I couldn't write a sinlge word on that computer, God was beckoning me toward that lesson.

The extra time I had preparing for it, and preparing MYSELF for it by focusing and BEING with God is what focused me on LETTING God teach that lesson through me.

I believe I'm entering a time of silence in my writing, at least for this week while VBS insues.  After this, I look forward to spending that 5am hour on writing...and I know God's gonna give it to me, cause when He wasn't there, N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

This time of Him not breathing through me shows me that He's really there when something is left on the screen after 60 minutes pass.

Please pray for our VBS this week, and pray that through us someone will see Christ.

What are your prayer requests for this week?


  1. Kelly,

    I am praying that God will reveal to you the talents that lie dormant. God bless you as you give so freely of yourself and your time to VBS. I am asking the Lord to spring the words from you like a fountain next week when you return to writing.

  2. Well, I'm praying!! Exciting stuff! Of course, I'm a little biased towards your age bracket so give it your all Kelly!!! It's an awesome thing!

    I have had seasons of quiet. I have days where despite the time to write I don't get things written or edited. There are other times I put in 12 hour days or some such thing... Writing doesn't play by a set of rules, especially when you let yourself be open to how God leads! As I say in Media at my church (where I so like having a nice orderly script): you just can't script the Holy Spirit!!

    Hang in there Kelly! An important part of writing is living life so you have something to write about!
    Love ya!

    PR this week: Ha! I already covered that in an email but this polishing!!! Especially that first scene. I want this baby to gleam!

  3. Yes, God has given us other tasks to do aside from writing. I taught VBS for several years and, although that isn't what God is calling me to do right now, I believe it is an important outreach.

  4. Thanks ladies for your support :)

    Kathy: Thanks you SO much, girl! Keep on prayin' that prayer!

    Wendy: I've got you in my prayers!

    Jill: I agree. Especially to these youth my husband and I could have as our own, if we had 1 ton trucks full of food.
    Thanks again girls for the encouragement.

  5. How wonderful--for you and the kids. I like spending time with older kids. I like asking them about their lives and encouraging them to see how to apply God's lessons to their own struggles. Enjoy!

  6. Jill K: I know, I like spending time with them too :D
    Seeing these youth grow and learn about life is wonderful!

  7. Wonderful! Sometimes God pushes us in directions that we never expected! Those kids got a lot out of your teaching and the Lord is smiling at you now!

  8. I'm kinda sad, cuz I should have been there. I actually had fun last year with Sara and Ali teaching the youth. I know my not being there lately is probably why I wasn't asked to help anywhere and that's entirely my fault. I'll gladly take the blame. But maybe I can get back into the swing of things. I just know those kids aren't blessed when I am not excited about what I am doing for God.

  9. I need some wisdom to make the right choices.

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! I hope the rest of VBS continues to be like that. :-)

  10. Jenny: I know, girl. sometimes we're just....tired. Happens all the time, be praying that God gives you that joy again. I'm praying for that myself as of late.

    Jessica: Lord be with you girl! Sometimes I wish choices were black and white. We know either way, God's going to use you...but to make the right one is like picking a flower off a bush. They're both REALLY pretty.