Thursday, July 22, 2010


We all love our characters.
We wouldn't write about them if we didn't.

I love the one I'm working with now.
But I just recieved confirmation from God on how this little short speck of life will go that I'm capturing on the page.

It hurts me worse knowing what's to come.
It hurts knowing what the readers will have to feel as they read her story, cause they're going to feel exactly what I felt today as I cried, shaking my head, not wanting to do it (God will lead me).

And when they cry, so will I.

Now, stop for a moment.
Immerse yourself in your current issue right now.
God feels the same way about YOU!  God feels the same way about you!

He's been there.  He's already seen it.
He's gonna cry right along with you, just as He did with me (and does whenever I hurt).
He knows what you're going to feel.  He's felt it already in the foreknowing of what's to come.  He saw it on the screen, and He'll face it again when He sees it live ("...right by your siiiiiiiiiide..." -Mathew West).

As much as this stuff hurts, God knows exactly what you're going through.
He already knows you're suffering.  Take it to Him and lay it down at His feet so He can finally comfort you.

I kind of understand now.  I know that right now, in this moment of my life, I'm supposed to write what hurts so people can know it's real and that they can know where to go.

(excuse me while I rejoice in sorrow)


How about you?
Tell me what your purpose is right now, and what you feel God's leading you to do.


  1. Love, love, love it! (and the Matthew West, that's an incredible song!) I love that you're figuring this out.

    Funny how we've both landed here together - You know my purpose is writing in the hard issues. Especially with writing YA - they face things that are real and meet them head-on; it's what I love & respect so much about my audience. I want to be in those dark and broken places with them. That's where I want to bring light... but... saying that... it's still a novel, it's still written to entertain... It can't be didactic and "The moral of the story is..." But I'm driven and called to be light in those broken places.

    I'm sorry your heart is hurting, but I'm so glad, too. You understand that dichotomy. You're going look at things you know will break your heart and feel it deeply - it's part of your life as a writer. One thing I've found myself saying a lot is "hope is real, it's there and it's for you." I love that you're diving in there and fearlessly following where God's leading you!

  2. Great post! I love how you point out that writing is an exercise in compassion as well as creativity. And the YA genre is especially good for that, even though I would be scared to write contemporary fiction. :-) Blessed are the writers who willingly enter contemporary adolescence, even in their imaginations!

  3. Kelly, I love this topic. Just this week I was involved in a conversation about how people demand instant fixes, especially when they are paying for a service. It's frustrating when they ignore the solution that's been offered. In the conversation I said: "Don't you think this is just the way we are with God? We ask Him for help and ignore His advice. Then we go back to Him again when doing it our way doesn't work."

    I'm delighted to know that you are showing the hubris and the consequences in your WIP. It sounds absolutely wonderful, and you are oh so wise.

  4. Tell the truth about my past. Expose those who hurt me as a child. And forgive. Is that enough to get in one book? :)

  5. Wendy: I know! Isn't it funny how God's lead us down the same paths a few times? Who knew?! Well besides God, lol.

    Rosslyn: Thanks!

    Kathy: Ha! Funny. I can't stand that about me...I have to try to fix what I know I already can't fix, then I walk up sheepishly to God and of course, as always, He helps me out (in His time). And thank you, Kathy for your kind words.

    Tabitha: Uhhh...just one book?! lol
    Go for it, girl!

  6. Hey Kelly! Inspiring post, girl. How did your writing time go with your WIP? Did you get some time in like you'd hoped? Hope so!

  7. Thanks, Katie :)

    It went okay...Got at least a couple thousand down :)

    How's the WIP going? Anything new on #5?