Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Book Club

Okay, I'm praying about joining the ACFW Book Club.

I love the Statement of Faith they have on their application.
It's 50.00 to join and 40.00 anually after that.
Not much considering all I'd get from them.

Friends, better conference pricing, classes, all that good...okay...GREAT stuff...but I only have so much monay I put into my writing envelope for writing expenses (per week).

Back at Christmas, I bought about ten books with a deal Christianbook.com had going.  I gave away two or three for my Secret Sister, and kept several for myself.  I'm still reading them, so I'm not going to purchase books anytime soon with this money, but...should I do this?

I feel like a book club is a big responsibility, one that I don't want to take lightly.

I've got the money reserved for writing expense...
I'm still seeking out God's wisdom
I believe He's given me you ladies/gents and our writerly connections for a reason, so I'm asking your opinions as well.


What would you do, given the opportunity?
What have you done about it?
Are book clubs really worth the expense?
Do you find that you are growing due to the expense and responsibility?


  1. I've never been into book clubs myself. I love reading but I haven't gotten that inclination to sit around on a regular basis talking about what I've read. I'd rather spend the time reading another book or writing or whatever. However, if you would enjoy it I could see benefits - you'd be reading your genre, you'd be hearing input from others about what works and doesn't. And with an online group like that I would imagine you wouldn't have problems some traditional book groups have with people skipping out on it.

    Look at is for what you'll get out of it and what you'll lose for it (What you can't do for that opportunity.)

  2. ACFW is more than a book club. I'm a part of it and I've been a member for over a year. It's introduced me to some wonderful members and they have an awesome contest for new writers every year. Once we get serious about publication, then I think it's a good time to start branching out and joining organizations. Before that, I think we can do enough through blogging and other social media.

  3. Great.
    Thanks girls.
    This sort of validates my hesitancy.

    I kind of want to grow into the author I know God wants me to be before I really PUT myself out there.

    I'm not anywhere near publication...probably best to wait.

    I feel a peace about it now that you've put in your imput.

    I can't see me spending 50 dollars this year for something I'm not ready for...waste.

    But till I'm ready, I'll be saving up for the conferences and the book clubs...right now, it's just time to write.
    Thanks, girls.

  4. They have a book club? Or do you mean the actual organization?
    If the organization, I definitely recommend it. I'm a member and there's access to great groups, classes, information, etc. :-)

  5. Yes, I mean the organization.
    Sorry, I receive an emial that says ACFW book club...just stuck in my head, I guess. :)

    But yeah, the organization.

    I really like the idea of the online classes, though. I've paid about 200 dor classes online, instead, I'd be paying 50 for however many I wanted...it's very tempting.
    Maybe I'm still going to pray about it :D
    THanks for your input, Jess.

  6. Kelly, if you want, you can join the ACFW bookclub for free. The ACFW members advertise via the bookclub, plus, during the last two weeks of every month, the advertisements are closed off so that the bookclub members can discuss one or two books. I'm sure the link to join the ACFW bookclub is on the website, and, again, that part is free.

    I've been a member of ACFW for several years. If you're serious about getting commercially published within the CBA market then you should consider joining. They have critique groups and they also have a loop. I sometimes find the loop a bit restrictive, but it's there if you need any help. The conference is awesome. I'm looking forward to attending again this year.