Friday, July 16, 2010

Write This Way...

I. Love. Writing.
I love it.
As tired and as overwhelmed as it can get (you writers know what I mean), I love it.
Why else would we's not an easy task, and the paycheck...?

However, I have a secret weapon...and no, it's not spell check.

My secret weapon is this:
I've got God.

My characters seem to speak to me, but I know Who it really is.  I have these ideas, but I know Who's they really are.  I have words on a blank screen, I know Where they're really from. 

They're not mine.
I've asked God to take this book, this incredible book that's been placed on my lap via a great, long time, trusted, loving caring, dear friend of mine. 
It's way bigger than me.  Way bigger.
I'm writing about hard stuff, and He's where I get my strength.

Each morning, before I sit down to write, I journal.  I ask God to lead my words, thoughts, phrases etc and mold it into what He'd have it to be (well, as far as first drafts are concerned)

I've been given a great critique partner.
We found each other in college, but now we're actually close, and I love her.  She's amazing.
God. Is. Working.

I have this idea that isn't mine, but I'm doing my best to make it God's, and He's answering back.
Each time there are words on my screen, I hear from Him.
My form of worship is writing.
I'm writing for me, and for God.  That's our time.
It's sacred, special, perfect. 
Okay, so not perfect, my other weapon is the backspace key...

But still, I know where the inspiration comes from, and I love tapping into that inspiration and finding how much God loves me through what He has me write.

The Bible may be the Greatest Love Letter ever written,
But my little notes from God are super special to me.

p.s. Sorry it's been so long, dear faithful followers, I love you mcuh.

How do you look at writing?
Is it worship?  Release?  Comfort?
What drives you in what you do?
Why do you love this so much?


  1. I totally believe God download my entire book to me. The draft just came pretty much all at once. I tell people that too. This all happened after I read the book The Travelers Gift by Andy Andrews.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. Kelly, I am so touched by your entry and your passion for writing. What inspires me: a way to tell the greatest love story in a way that it hasn't been told before, through characters who come to know him. I never thought about writing as being a form of worship, but I will ponder this. You've blessed me immensely.

  3. Here here. What you said.

    I love it because it is apart of who I am. :)

  4. Great post, Kelly! Love your perspective on writing! I hope that I can give God glory for everything!

  5. I hope I can love writing that much! Sometimes it's a pain. Ha! :-) Congrats on getting a crit partner.

  6. Kathy: I'm so glad this has touched you :) I love you perspective on it as well. I love to tell the story in different ways, show people how, why and who God is through people they relate with...amazing.

    Tabitha: I've seen your blog writing. You're wonderful at what you do. Keep it up, it is definately a part of you, gal.

    Jody: Thank you so much. When I sat down to write this story a few weeks ago, I had it all planned out, but then I had to do research, and God's brought me to my knees with this stuff. I found out my plan wasn't the best one. When I realized no matter how much I wanted to say something, God's going to say what He wants to say, and I want Him to say it thorugh me.

    Jessica: If you're still writing after all the frustrating things, you're already there ;)

    Ladies, thank you SO much for commenting and visiting my blog.
    I love your comments :D

  7. Reading this a couple of days late, but you're the second person I've read this morning who journals while spending quiet time with God. I need to start doing that.

  8. Stephen: I woudln't doubt that for a second! I know this is all from God one way or another. Most of the idea was from a friend, we worked on it together and came up with this and that, but now that I'm writing the words, He's writing them for's very exciting.

    Lisa: Writing is what we do. It's how I communicate best. Right now, if we were in person, I'd be all over the place with my thoughts.
    Writing puts them down, lays them flat and lets me focus quickly on what I need to say.
    Writing my prayers and stuff gets me through quickly, and it also helps me focus. Plus, I get to look back and see what God has done, where He's lead me or answered's GREAT.
    I really suggest it!

  9. Beautiful. I love hearing that God speaks to you.

    I write because it's fun. It's just fun! Yeah, it's hard, and sometimes it's soul-draining hard, but I get all giddy and excited about it nonetheless.

  10. Haha, that's right!

    Giddy and excited are perfect words for that feeling. :D

    Thanks, Jill

  11. Oh, KELLY!!! I love this. Love you!

    Writing to me is... I want to tell a story... I want to tell a story that entertains, that touches, that encourages change... mostly though I want to tell a story that shows hope. People walk around missing so much hope from their life - so many miss entirely the hope of Jesus that I want to write in such a way that whatever they're going through... sure, they can escape for a few minutes in a story, but when they finish that story and put it down and go back out to where life is hard and real... that they can hold on to hope, give real Hope a shot. That they know it's real and it's for them.

    Pray for me Kelly! I'm starting today what I hope to be my final edits before querying Elsie. Have to bite the bullet sometime. Praying for you right now. I don't know what your research has brought up but I know whatever it is is sick and hard. Keep going through it. There's so much incredible potential in this novel!

  12. :) Thanks so much Wendy, for your loving words.
    Okay, I'm really fighting tears...I can't ruin the work my elbows are on! Thank you so much.

    I'm DEFINATELY praying for you, girl!
    I pray that you'll find whatever needs to change, whatever needs to be put in/taken out, the small mistakes, and the big mistakes, and that it all makes more sense than it did before.

    Elsie's story needs to be told, God knows that, and He also knows WHEN it needs to be told. :)

    I know you already trust Him, so that goes w/o saying, but I'm still praying for it anyway :D