Monday, July 12, 2010

Waiting Out the Storm, Ruth Logan Herne

I won this delightful little jewel from my friends at the Seekerville blog (this thing's acting screwey, I couldn't link their page.  Check them out on my blogroll to the right.)

On the back cover:
When family tragedy strikes, Sarah Slocum steps in as guardian to her two nieces and nephew.  But raising children isn't like raising sheep, and the beautiful shephard soon finds herself in over her head.  Who'd have guessed that new neighbor Craig Macklin would jump in to lend a hand? Craig's always held a grudge against Slocums-Sarah included.  Now the handsome local vet is helping with her livestock, giving her young nephew a job and smiling at her every chance he gets.  Sarah must decide whether she can trust Craig-and God's plan-and allow him into her family.

Sarah Slocum is a Native American spitfire!
I loved her from the begining, and to tell you the truth, I learned something from her.  It's that thing you always heard, but finally witnessed someone actually do, and that's "You can choose how you react"

Sarah's brother and father treated her like...crap, and she didn't react to them, further spuring them to be more hurtful, but they had their games, and caused lasting pain that she buried far below the surface..  However, she finally lets the self-pity and painfull words creep back to the surface, causing her to deal with the demons of the past after an accident leaves her face bruised and broken.
It causes her to question the beauty she felt she barely had in the first place, and led her to believe her brothers and step father were right.

This reminded me of most of the women I've talked to (and myself) on our self-confidence level and issues.  Watching this beautiful, strong, resiliant woman suffer these same issues and work through them really showed me that we don't have to listen to those voices we as women (and writers) have that tell us we're no good, we just have to believe God's plan, and be thankful for what He has blessed us with.

Having to deal with self-confidence issues she's worked so hard to hide, this stubborn, amazing, colorful woman heals with God's love and finally lets herself fall IN love with Craig Macklin. 

Craig is the usual jerk in the begining, but then again, his work with animals creates a soft spot, and Ruthy grows that soft spot and changes him to be the man Sarah needs. 
I love how Ruthy took this guy and transformed his thinking, first of all about this woman, and second about God. 

I just KNEW this would be a good read!  Turns out I was right!  Ruthy, did a GREAT job!  I'm looking forward to the other North Country novels!  Well done, Ruthy, well done.  (And thanks for the note, I keep telling myself not to quit, this made me smile :D)


  1. Kelly, what a great review. Do you get excited when you win a book? I do!

  2. Kelly, wonderful review. I just finished this book the other day and loved it. Ruthy's books contain three things I love--strong characters, sass, and spiritual truth. I won a book on Seekerville recently and chose Ruthy's next one that comes out in September as my prize. I look forward to seeing how Rita puts her life together.

  3. Kathy:
    I just LOVE winning books! That was my first one :D, and it coudln't have been a better one!
    I t was so great. :)

    OMG, I'm so excited too! I didn't know that's what the next one was about!
    Oooooo...okay, gotta put Rita's on my list!

  4. Congrats on winning that book, Kelly! Sounds like a good read. I love strong women too, probably because I'm striving to become one--strong in God's strength, ya know?

  5. Wonderful review! I might just read this one myself!

  6. Oh, Beth, I know.
    I'm striving on that same path.

    Thanks, Cecelia!
    I hope you do, it's wonderful!