Friday, November 5, 2010

Which Is Your Style?

I've seen bloggers blog everyday, some blog three times a day, and others, myself included blog when inspiration strikes.

How do you blog?

What's your schedule?
Do you pre-plan them and set them in que?
Do you feel the urge and blog away?
Do you plan and wrack your brain as you stare at the blank post form?

Which is your style?


  1. I blog twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. Fridays are easy because I just do 3 C's. But Mondays are sometimes difficult. I want those to be helpful for other writers and that takes a little digging sometimes.

  2. I run three blogs and each i blog at different times. for (www.walletmag.blogspotcom), I blog everyday or every other day. (, I blog whenever I have something to say which can be everyday, every three days, or within a week. My last blog (, I blog whenever I can think of a topic to talk about when is not often

  3. I do three times a week. I was having trouble coming up with post ideas for all the days so I settled on Monday Brevity (a short post or question. Very low pressure), Writerly Wednesday (longer writing-related posts even though I don't usually call them that), and Friday 5. (And you know how random these get!)
    Even though I probably veer off sometimes I like having some structure. You remember in high school how if your English teacher said "Write about X," it was usually fine but when they said, "Write about anything you want," it got hard? Seems to work the same for me.

    What I really have liked lately is scheduling posts to automatically go. Before I was typing them up on my computer and then I'd post them whenever but they weren't finished. Now I type them on blogger and save them as drafts or go ahead and schedule them. It also has the bonus of me being able to post at 7AM so if people like to read their RSS with their coffee before work it's there. Now I don't always do them (ahem, like today. Hadn't finished editing today's last night) but when I do it I like it. Somehow it doesn't feel so hard to suddenly come up with topics.
    Okay, I think now I'll go get Monday's post ready!

  4. Thanks for all the comments :)

    I like the twice a week.
    I need to come up with something, cause I waver a lot without structure.

    Cameron, I'll say it again, you're crazy!! lol, that's so much to do! Careful not to get overwhelemed.

    Wendy, I like your idea. I'm going to start drafting them regularly and saving them..."This or That's arent' answered very much, so I don't want to waste my time, maybe center a post around it, but not have the this or that be the whole post...I'll have to be thinking on this one.

  5. My blog for people who have facial and jaw pain is written usually to address a question someone has or to provide new information. It's about the universality of pain and how it affects our lives. I dread going to my writing blog, and I am so ready to close it down. I feel no passion with it. Sometimes there is something good to report, like the research I'm doing for my manuscript, finding more about my Seminole Indian great-grandmother. But I think it interests me much more than anyone else.

    How are you, Kelly?

  6. :( Understandable. I think our blogs are a growing experience. I think a schedule will help me grow.

    I'm doing great. THanks for asking, Kathy :)
    How are you doing?

  7. I blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I write the posts all at once a week ahead, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and I revise and schedule them on Friday or Saturday.

    I often face a blank page, and I worry about getting repetitive. It's hard coming up with new topics day after day, week after week, year after year!

  8. Amen, Jill. It seems hard to keep it fresh for me as well.

    Thanks for all your comments, guys. This has really helped.