Friday, October 22, 2010


Okay, it's official!

I'm one crazy lunatic...for those of you who already knew that, keep your mouths shut, k?

I signed up for NaNo this coming month...and I'm petrified!
I don't have enough time to consistently write 1000 words each am I going to write 50k in a MONTH?!!!!!!


30k's closer than 0, right?

Who else is doing this stupid thing we call NaNoWriMo?


  1. YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm excited! Or just corrupting you.
    Or both.

    I'm in.

    Oh, and tell your hubby I just volunteered him for the dishes. And the cooking. And the rest of the house can just stay messy.
    As long as you can find both boys at the end of the day. :-)
    (Think my FSU-fan-ness will get me off the hook for all that or will I be in trouble come December?)

  2. PS: Double dog dare you to make at LEAST one local write-in.

  3. I'm also doing it while taking 15 credits in college. I have a 8 page short story due nov. 4 for my creative writing class. I'm still working on my personal novel and I haven't wrote an outline for the nano project yet.

  4. AHHH!!!
    Cameron! Are you crazy?!

    Wendy, thus showing why I love you so much :D

    However, Norm already does the dishes and the kitchen while I do the laundry and the rest of the by default...we're in trouble. :D

  5. Hey, any extra words are great! Have fun with it!