Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Or in a writer's case...where the fingers meet the keys.

I've been plotting, character journaling, and outlining my latest WIP.

It's going great.
My petulant character I ranted about here finally opened up a little and shared with me what his thought processes were.

However, it's been about a month since I started organizing and outlining this work in progress, and I finally feel as though it's time to start writing.

How do we know when that time comes?
When is it time to get down 'n dirty?

1.  When things are making sense
I've been trying to organize this book for a long time, but now, after much agonizing and fretting with my Critique Partner and with God I feel as though I know where this thing should go.  I've got the jist of the thing.

2.  When you feel the need to just WRITE!
Okay, let's face it.  We're writers.  We've got to do it or things just aren't right.  I've noticed a significant difference in the way I feel and react to my family and friends when I AM writing and when I'm NOT writing.  It's night and day.  So when we feel the itch, it's nothing to write a few chapters even if we're going to scrap them later.  Just write!

3.  When you're at that deadline.
As an aspiring author, I have to set my own goals and deadlines.  I don't have an agent tapping his/her foot and rolling eyes at me (this in no way reflects how I feel about agents.  I know they are here to do what's best for us and our work).   Our goals in reality are probably cake compared to an agent's requests.  But in order to get anything done in the unpubbed world, we HAVE TO SET GOALS.  Otherwise, we'll be floating for a long, long time.  It's healthy to have goals.  It keeps us moving. (okay, rant over.)  Make them attainable, but make them to push yourself.

4.  When you feel led by God
I've been waiting for God to come and lead me through my characters when I character journal with them.  I've asked Him to lead me when I'm just opening my notebook to show me what He would have me write, and He does!  I know without a doubt that this is God's story.  It's a worship time, and we're connected.  (See one of my post about this here)  So it's obvious He's going to give us a prompt in the right direction. 
Take those prompts and follow Him.  He's got a plan for all things.  That includes our future, and that includes our work.

These are the four factors that have finally pushed me to the point of action.

Question:  What are your "go ahead" signals?  How do you know when it's right to write?


  1. Woohoooo!!! Yay for starting!
    I like your points a lot - plotting and outlining have a place but at some point writers just got to write!

  2. lol, I know girl.
    All along, I've been afraid to make mistakes, but I have to look at number 2 and remember what I really need...I need to write!


    Starting tomorrow!
    Bright and early! Well, okay, so dark and early :D

  3. What a fun realization!! That you just need to write! I'm excited to be at the stage again. I finished my novel and sent it to crit partners a few weeks ago. Now I have just hints of ideas floating around in my head and am still recovering from the ACFW conference. My goal is to get down and dirty with brainstorming and plotting next week. Happy writing Kelly!

  4. OOoo oooo!
    That's exciting, Katie!

    Happy writing to you too!