Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joy vs Happiness

I was listening to Jill Briscoe, an Ah-HA!-MAAAAZING teacher and speaker.
If you've never heard her, you NEED to!
Telling the Truth is her family's ministry.
She is the person that prayed and spoke at the Just Give Me Jesus! event.

She was talking about joy vs. happines.

Happiness is fleeting.
Happiness you find in finishing a task; from the rain and a good cup'a joe; from a silly movie you've been dying to see, but joy...
Joy is much different.

I learned WHY I feel so wonderful when I write.
Why I feel as though it's what I'm called to do.

Becuase it brings me joy.
And it makes me happy but the point is:

Her definition of joy is when God smiles.

When I'm writing and we're communing, THAT is making God smile.
Therefore, THAT brings me joy.

We are made to bring praise to God.
When we do what we are meant to do, it brings God joy...for me, that's writing.
I can feel Him smile over me.  When I ask Him to come with me and work through me, that gives God joy.

What about you?
What do you do that gives God joy?

 Find Jill Brisco's work here and here.
The two on Spirit Life for 9/14/2010 and 9/13/2010 are what you're looking for, although every one of them packs a power punch of love and learning.


  1. I'm not sure what I do that gives God joy: maybe praises, being thankful, maybe just loving Him. One thing that brings me joy - not happiness - is caring for my mom or my daughter or someone else I love when illness comes. It's showing them and God how thankful I am for the people He has given me to love and to be loved by in my journey. Maybe offerings too, not necessarily something in a offering plate. This is such a great question!

  2. Thanks Kathy!
    How's everything going for you, dear?
    I agree.
    I love questions that make me think.
    This one gave me a warm affirmation about why in the world I do this crazy thing called writing.

    It was good to feel God's presence at the realization.

    Hope you have a good weekend!