Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Or That:

Is your story character driven or plot driven?


  1. Character, I believe.. But the plot comes before the characters when I'm starting. :-)

  2. Nice.
    I agree.
    I have the plot in my head, but my characters lead me down this path or that path.

  3. I think it's character-driven. That's what I decided before revising. It's probably more character-driven now than before. It's so hard to define my own work. What about you?

  4. Ugh, it IS hard to focus and bring out the concrete of something that isn't so concrete!

    I totally agree, Kathy.

    At some point, even though my characters kind of meander and show me what they'd have me see, it turns plot-driven. It becomes what happens in the story. What happens to my characters that will bring them from here to there.

  5. Unfortunately it was plot driven. A sweet agent pointed that fact out to me and now I am working on deepening the characters so that the characters themselves drive the plot. :)


  6. lol, understandable.
    Nice to know what some agents want :D

    I'm glad you're working on that manuscript you've got there, Rachel.

    Much luck! :D