Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So tell me....

I had no idea what I was going to do this morning...so instead, I'm writing it tonight, and it's going to be seen on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. 
I have a few questions for you to answer...they will be interesting answers, they always are, but these I felt really made me remember why I write and want to share it with the world.

I'll answer the questions, but then it's your turn.  Leave a comment telling me your answers.

1. What do you write? (YA, Women's Fiction...)
2. What is your message?
3. What does writing do for your relationship with God?
4. What does writing do for your relationship with your family?
5. What does writing do for you?

Okay, here's the answers from moi:

1. At the moment, I'm writing Women's Fiction/speculative
2. Wow, this is harder than a synopsis...
Hope, even after an abortion, God still forgives, he LOVES and heals people of their pain.
3. Writing puts me in a mode of worship (when I let it).
4. My family will attest to the fact that my attitude changes for the better when I write.  I get thoughts out in my devotion, and my creativity isn't just scrambled around inside, it's channeled.
5. Writing for me personally, lets me get my ideas out.  It makes my mind clearer and ready for the "next thing".

You're turn.


  1. 1.I also write women's fiction/speculative.
    2.Messages: love conquers all, learning to speak w/o a voice (figuratively and literally, for my protag), and a lesser theme of what happens when a family unit unravels.
    3.If I write what God wants me to, then it brings me closer to him. When I follow my own desires, it separates me from him. Always.
    4. Same as above, basically.
    5. Writing brings me fulfillment I can't find anywhere else.

  2. 1. I write science fiction/fantasy.

    2. everything happens for a reason whether good or bad and most of the time the bad things happen in our lives for a good ending. But that good ending depends on our actions.

    3. I feel like i'm changing perspectives one post at a time

    4. my family supports and comments on my post

    5. writing keeps me sane and sometime from doing sinful pleasures

  3. Jill, I get what you mean, when you follow God's path. and fulfillment is the perfect word I was looking for :D

    Cameron, I get that too. Except the sinful pleasure on my list is....sleeping...:*( lol.

    Thanks you two for commenting :)

  4. Nice!

    I write inspirational romance, and my message changes with each book, but overall I hope readers are inspired to live with integrity. My writing helps me understand my relationship with God because I'm forced to deal with my character's faith issues.