Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out of a slump!

I don't know if this is biblically sound, or if there's even a verse to back it up, I've not taken time to research it, but I KNOW it's true becuase it worked for me.

One afternoon I was riding with my children home from school/work.  It was late, they were fighting, I was a tired mommy and needed to do so much laundry (after a weekend off) that it could have easily taken the form of a monster and eaten us up in our sleep.

I was frustrated that I had to start all over again.
Missing my sweet, incredible boys all day

Then it hit me...Lord, thank you I've got a JOB!  I've got CLOTHES!  I've got HEALTHY CHILDREN!
A husband that comes home happy each night, a church family, food, let me tell you, I was so overcome with a grateful heart at this next one that I began to cry... salvation.

All the menal "jobs" fell to the wayside.


Praising God for what I have really picked me up out of a slump, out of the drudgery of everyday (granted, we just came back into town from a weekend vacation...I know that's always hard).

I'm here on earth to spread His love and my testimony.

Get this, not only has He blessed me with all this stuff, but He CHOSE to come from Heaven, grow up into a man, face life-every step, every breath, every move was FOR US!  He did it all for us!  And He loves us!
He teaches us so many things if we let Him.
He doesn't just say, "That's wrong, you'd better quit!"
He picks us up and dusts us off, and shows us a way out of sin.  Through Him.  Through His blood.

Now, if that don't get you shoutin', lemme know, I'll perscribe you some anti-depressants!

What has really brought you face to face with what God's done for you recently?

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  1. Wow! Yes, I think that's a great way to handle to the down times or the worry times or... yeah. Run back to the cross.