Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stepping Out Time

It's finally that time.
I've been inspired by a dear friend of mine who is also a writer.
She has suggested I start reading these blogs by writers and literary agents. Get out of the box, so to speak. To read outside of what books are on my shelf.

Well, I took her advice that she took from those who have been teaching her, and now I'm getting myself out there.

Question for you:
When have you ever stepped out and done something like this...I'm not talking about starting a blog, I'm talking about doing what you've always wanted, started that very first step toward what you've dreamed?


  1. I have eased out of the box, by completing the couch to 5k training program on coolrunning.com for my New Years resolution this year. I must admit to answer the question of have I ever stepped out toward a dream - no. Hmmmm that stings sadly enough I've realized, right now, I need to start even dreaming. So thanks for stepping out and dreaming, I'm following.

  2. Aw, Kelly! So glad to see you blogging & pursuing your writing! This is awesome!